The Authors

Diane Cannava’s and Patricia Minishak’s combined experience and multi-level licensing cover regular and special education programs ranging from pre-kindergarten through post graduate instruction and administration since the early 1970’s. Our primary areas of expertise include: child development; educational, clinical, and home programming; curriculum development. Other areas of specialized experience: program administration; staff development; parent training; educational publication editing; federal and state grant writing; multi-level writing coach. Our experience further includes the role of liaison/consultant for the Massachusetts state departments of education, mental health, and public health. Our current endeavors include producing and co-hosting a New Hampshire cable program entitled Empower Your Parent Voice.

These shared experiences and opportunities as educators, liaisons and advocates afforded us a unique, yet authentic, inside-out perspective when dealing with the “mystic” of the Special Education Process. Therefore, the primary point of reference for this book is to provide the reader with our professional view on specific issues as perceived from the other side of the desk. With clear, non-threatening language, our approach helps to provide parents with a more realistic outlook in developing a comprehensive plan of action to successfully become their child’s best advocate and conquer their doubts and fears to build a productive working relationship between school and home. 

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